"Making great music has nothing to do with a person's age or looks, just as creating great paintings or poetry doesn't – and just imagine what great works we would have missed if it did. It has only to do with a person's soul, inspiration and uniqueness.


Age and veneer is only relevant when manufacturing a pop star, which has nothing to do with creating great music, yet everything to do with masking it. For what it can do is silence the soul, thwart the inspiration and breed mediocrity.


True art is stripped bare, not dressed up like a soldier. True art is a liberation – its imposter is a castration."


D Sumbler

"Never measure a person's talent or worth by their degrees of fame."


D Sumbler

"Since when did it become acceptable, for

a panel of people with no talent whatsoever, to judge others on theirs and tell you what's musically good or not?


It's no different than a corrupt government making laws for thieves whilst robbing you blind. Stop encouraging this mediocre tripe;

they are vampires."


D Sumbler

"In much of life lies imperfection, as

in art - but in imperfection for me lies beauty, because there is always more honesty there. It has an edginess that is about to give birth to something even more divine; it has grit and truth and it looks you in the eye quite proudly."


D Sumbler