'UNTAMED' GIGS for 2018

Saturday 11th August 11am

Axminster Arts Cafe Gardens

Axminster East Devon

Free Entry

Saturday 18th August

Exeter Phoenix:

The Workshop 7.30pm


Saturday 14th April 7.30pm

Plough Arts Centre Gallery

Great Torrington, N.Devon

Tickets £6 01805 624624





Saturday 26th May 7pm

Revolution Cafe

Weymouth, Dorset

Free Entry





Sunday 27th May 5.30ish

Arch Revival Festival

Mill Lane, Sturminster Marshall, Dorset













"I am not doing this mental health awareness thing, or whatever you want to call it, for me or a select group of people with labels for sympathy for their condition, although of course a diagnosis can help hugely to treat it if necessary. I am doing it with everyone in mind. I am holding up the mirror and saying look, we all have mental health issues being the world's a bit fucked up as ever - and basically, how can we expect to have a stable society when we have such unstable leaders? So hopefully by doing so, we can begin to see ourselves in each other - and slowly eradicate the stigma."