music-art-film & bio

Danny was born and bred in Brighton, and first began treading the boards at age 12.


A prolific singer-songwriter with over 300 compositions, Danny is also an author, maker

of films and an artist with a large repertoire of evocative paintings and drawings. His

work is unique in whatever medium he chooses to express in.



Danny recently gave a BBC TV interview about his short film 'Call of the Jester,' of which you can find a link to below. Juxtaposed to his usual gigs - he also performs music in his acoustic shows 'UNTAMED: songs written under the influence of Tourette's.'


His most recent album also titled 'UNTAMED' is also available on this site.


Danny links his own and many other mental health conditions to the ways of the shaman and mystic - by choosing the road of alchemy and preserving an incorruptible mind.



Links to Danny's music, art and film are below